Sensei Tom

sensei tom

Howdy, my name is Tom. I started karate over two decades ago at age 6. My parents wanted me to do an activity that would involve my whole body, and bring me self-confidence and fun. When gymnastics and trampolining didn’t quite do the trick, my folks thought ‘Tom loves the Power Rangers – maybe martial arts will be more his speed’” How right they were!

I teach the Junior Fundamentals class on a Monday night, working with 8 – 12 year old kids who are white, red, yellow and orange belt. It’s an amazing experience and a real privilege to help shape these young minds and help them take their first steps on this life changing journey.

I love coaching the next generation of young karateka. Seeing them build friendships and skills that will last a lifetime is incredibly rewarding. Karate has taught me – and continues to teach me – so many valuable lessons. I love sharing these lessons with others.

When I’m not bouncing around the dojo, I’m normally performing on stage or screen (I love a song and dance!), cooking up a storm, or walking and playing with our beautiful rescue dog Happy.

Sensei Tom
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