Sempai Tom

sempai tom

Hi, I’m Thomas M

I’m 14 years old, in year nine and very proud to be a senpai for the Junior novice class. In training sessions, I help sensei with improving our students’ technique and demonstrate exactly how our repertoire is used in a practical sense. Coaching you will also help me improve my understanding of the techniques you will be producing, and it will also help the younger generation of karate practitioners progress faster and with more confidence.

I have competed at national level in Australia, and compete in the Victorian Karate League. I started karate when I was 9 years old. I had tried other sports but none of them really suited me, but the day I started karate I knew it was unique and was a great fit for myself.  The more I have progressed, this feeling has only grown stronger and stronger, karate is my favourite sport by far. There is so much to learn, you can never run out of things to improve in your own skill set. 

I am in high school and enjoy playing basketball with my friends. I train with the karate state team weekly, putting hours of effort into my sport to be the best I can. I am in the high achievers program at my school, and appreciate how important education is, receiving good marks and awards. I also play Violin, practicing a lot, and enjoy music very much.

Sempai Tom
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