Sempai Kayla

sempai kayla

Hi, I’m Kayla. I started karate at six years old because it’s a great way to gain and build self-confidence. Since starting my training, I have stepped out of my shell, being able to run whole classes, as well as being able to take and use those skills in my personal life. For example, I can now give speeches in High School classes with confidence.

I train and coach the Little Samurai class, as well as being a coach for our Junior Advanced group. I really enjoy doing this because it encourages kids from a young age to understand the importance of self-defence, but it is still done in a fun and engaging way. It is also really fun to see students engaging with one another as this is a great place to meet new people and make new friends, some of which can last many many years.

I also enjoy teaching as it gives me a way to focus on the development of others and forget anything that may be causing stress outside the dojo. This can be great for everyone, the dojo can help you to just step away from the outside world for a bit, and spend some time training and socialising with others in a positive environment. Outside of karate, I really enjoy listening to music, playing music and reading.

Sempai Kayla
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