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Discover the power of martial arts training tailored specifically for teens at Samurai Karate Croydon. Our karate classes for teens offer a dynamic and engaging environment where adolescents can develop essential life skills, build confidence, and achieve physical fitness goals while mastering the art of karate. Get them off the couch and into the dojo!

Our karate classes for teens cater to individuals aged 13 to 16 years old, providing a structured yet enjoyable setting for teenagers to thrive. With experienced instructors and age-appropriate curriculum, our classes focus on building strength, discipline, and self-esteem in a supportive and empowering atmosphere.



Samurai Teaches

basic tech

Basic Techniques

Introduction to basic karate techniques, including blocks and strikes, emphasizing proper form and execution.

self def

Self-Defense Techniques

Age-appropriate self-defense techniques to teach children how to protect themselves in a safe and controlled environment.


Belt Progression

Clear progression through colored belts, each representing a specific level of skill and knowledge.


Benefits of Martial Arts for Teens

Physical Fitness and Health

Physical Fitness and Health

Teenagers can improve their overall fitness level through karate training, enhancing cardiovascular health, muscle tone, and flexibility while developing essential motor skills.

Self Defence Skills

Self-Defence Skills

Karate classes teach practical self-defence techniques that empower teens to protect themselves and others in real-life situations, promoting personal safety and confidence.

Emotional Well being

Emotional Well-being

Martial arts training instills discipline, focus, and stress management techniques in teens, helping them navigate the challenges of adolescence with resilience and a positive mindset.

Social Development

Social Development

Karate classes provide opportunities for teens to build friendships, develop teamwork skills, and cultivate respect for peers and authority figures, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

Our Instructor

Sensei Craig

Coach, Founder

Hello, I’m Craig, though many call me Sensei. I’m the Head Trainer and Manager at Samurai Karate Croydon. I teach many classes throughout the club from Little Samurai kids to our oldest and toughest black belts 🙂 I currently hold the rank of Shidoin Godan (5th dan) Kenshi.

Our Instructor

Sensei Steven


Hi, my name is Steven and I started my Karate journey at Samurai Karate Croydon in 1998 as an 8 year old. Though it was my parent’s decision to have my brother and I learn Karate, as an adult who has now been training and teaching for many years I am very thankful for that opportunity.

Our Instructor

Sempai Simon


Hey there, I’m Simon, and my Karate journey started back in 2015. I always wanted to do Karate, and I finally found the right time, and the right dojo. The team at Samurai are awesome, making me feel at home since the moment I walked in the door.

FAQs About Teen Karate Training

Yes, our karate classes are open to teens of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Our instructors provide personalized instruction to ensure that each student progresses at their own pace.

We recommend attending classes at least twice a week to see consistent progress and improvement. However, we understand that teens have busy schedules, so we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate their needs.

Absolutely! Karate emphasizes mental discipline and concentration, teaching teens to stay focused and present in the moment, both on and off the mat.

Yes, our classes are conducted in a safe and supervised environment, with trained instructors who prioritize the well-being of all students. We adhere to strict safety protocols to minimize the risk of injury during training.

Encourage your teen to practice karate techniques and kata at home, and engage in open communication about their progress and goals. Additionally, provide positive reinforcement and support to help them stay motivated and committed to their training.

Ready to empower your teen with the life-changing benefits of karate training? Contact us today to schedule a trial class and give your teen the opportunity to thrive both on and off the mat!

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Step into our gallery and experience the excitement and camaraderie of training at Samurai Karate Croydon. Our gallery showcases the dedication and passion of our students as they progress on their martial arts journey. Join us and discover how you can learn with fun and discipline at our dojo.

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